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7 2015

99% of 3rd party collection agencies do not own their debt nor can they make decisions on behalf of their client related to bankrupt and deceased accounts. In most cases the collection agency simply cancels and returns the account back to their client for processing. However, there is a solution that a collection agency could add in their sales or marketing approach when calling on new prospects or as an up-sell to existing clients. The collection agency could offer a service of purchasing the BK/Dec debt from their prospects or clients and include this in their overall sales/marketing discussions.

Bankrupt & Deceased Debt Acquisitions would operate behind the scenes as the “engine” for this type of service and we would pay the collection agency a monthly royalty/referral fee on any BK/Dec accounts that are eligible for purchase. This added core competency to your sales team and organization would provide you with additional ammunition in the marketplace as a total solution provider of collection services.