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We differ from most bankruptcy and deceased management services because we locate and monetize your unsecured and secured assets immediately and pay cash up-front for these accounts. There are no hidden commissions, contingency fees, service charges, etc., that are involved with your bankrupt and deceased inventory. We will partner with you to negotiate fair pricing which will ensure a mutually beneficial experience.

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The BDDA Advantage

Complete Bankruptcy Management System:

We offer a customized start to finish solution on your bankrupt (Chapt 7, 13, 11) accounts. This includes identification, management, collection, and purchasing. We will identify eligible secured (auto/mortgage accounts) and unsecured (credit card, installment, payday loans, etc.) to make an offer to you on that will provide you with residual income on your bankrupt and deceased inventory.

Automatic scrubs:

Scrubs are automatically performed at regular intervals (typically every 30 days) and a results of all eligible bankrupt and deceased accounts is sent to you along with a Purchase Sales Agreement (PSA)

Quick & Easy Closing:

Once the results and PSA are forwarded, you simply sign the agreement, return to us for a counter signature, and the funds will be wired to your account.

Customized Solutions:

Regardless of the size of your organization we offer a strategy for the easiest and most efficient way to deal with your bankrupt and deceased inventory

No transaction minimums:

We do not require a minimum dollar transaction which could delay the transaction, result in accounts passing their claim deadlines, and ultimately falling outside of our purchase eligibility.

Consistent cash flow:

Our service provides a consistent and predictable monthly cash flow for your bankrupt & deceased accounts; whereas it could take 12 months or more to begin receiving payments when attempting recovery via submission of claims through the court systems.


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